On Tuesday, July 17, I participated in a webinar given by Integrative Practitioner (learning research for practitioners of integrative medicine) who had as their presenter Tierona Low Dog, MD, ND.  The title of her presentation was “Seasonal Therapeutics”.

She talked about how we have lost our rhythm and connectedness with nature.  We have stopped listening to our bodies and what it needs for each season.  Even doctors, when they prescribe medications, have us taking prescriptions at the wrong time of day to do our bodies any good.  We need to get back to chronobiology to eat foods, exercise, sleep and detox in the season that is most beneficial.

This webinar concentrated mostly on the autumn since it is just around the corner.

Autumn – this is when we begin to move inside.  Days are shorter and we lose Vitamin C and D that we get from the sun.  This is why we begin to get sick, allergies are most prevalent, we get tired quicker and many begin to start becoming affected by season affective disorder.  The fall is not the right time for aggressive detoxing or fasting.  We should concentrate on supporting the immune system to prepare the body for the upcoming cold and flu season.  We should eat more hearty foods such as soups, stews and root vegetables.  We should also change our exercise routine for later in the day (and the type of exercise we engage in) and get plenty of rest.  Keep the body hydrated and this will be important for good skin health.

Spring – the best time for elimination, detoxing and cleansing

Summer – enjoy the outdoors; work on the cardiovascular system, muscle strength/toning and joint health

Winter – a time for inner reflection, deep immune support and say no to events that keep you out late.

Dr. Low Dog believes that the body will do what it is supposed to do naturally when we send it the right information.  Change your lifestyle by season.  This includes food, sleep patterns, exercise and even supplements.

Dr. Low Dog will be presenting “Seasonal Therapeutics” in 4 separate 8-hour seminars.  The first on autumn will be held August 25th in Boston.  Here is a link to find out more on the seminars:  http://www.seasonaltherapeutics.adamchampagne.com/winter

Here is a link to read an in-depth interview with Dr. Low Dog where she talks about “Seasonal Therapeutics”:  http://www.integrativepractitioner.com/article.aspx?id=19314.  She has also written a book on this topic which will be out next year, so stay tuned!