We are constantly being pushed to be more eco-friendly.  One way is to get us to use energy-efficient light bulbs.  Incandescent bulbs are hard to find, especially since the last factory that manufactured them (which was in Virginia) stopped making them closed almost two years ago.  Studies are now surfacing that energy-efficient light bulbs now emit skin damaging radiation.

The radiation that is being emitted is UVA and UVC rays.  If you will remember from a previous posting “Are You Using the Right Sunscreen?” I talk about both of these UV rays.  UVA rays cause photoaging, wrinkling of skin and skin cancer.  UVC rays, which we only receive in a small amount from the sun, are now being emitted in our homes.  So if you are using energy-efficient bulbs, you are getting bombarded from harmful rays not only outdoors but also in the home.  “The radiation is found to be damaging to human skin tissue in close proximity” (Skin Inc., 2012).  The rays are released from cracks in the phosphor coating.  If you are using energy-efficient bulbs in your desk and reading lamps, you might want to move them back a little or see if you can scrounge up some of the incandescent bulbs before they all disappear!

Check out these article to read more on this:

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