before, seven days after and three months later

Botox is celebrating its 10th Anniversary since it was approved for cosmetic use by the FDA!  There has been nearly 11.8 million (yes million) procedures performed since 2002 (Molvar, 2012).

Drs. Frederic Brandt and Amy Wechsler were interviewed for the article cited.  Though Dr.Wechsler does not hide the fact that she gets Botox injections to help her look rested, Dr. Brandt looks like he has had too much!

Botox is also being used, with success, to help treat hyperhidrosis (extreme sweating), muscle spasms, neck pain and migraines.  Dr. Brandt, however, has found other creative uses for Botox (he says he is using it as an artistic endeavor!) such as:

*  tip of the nose to help lift the whole face

*  neck to counteract sagging that pulls the face down

*  face to minimize acne and rosacea (slowing down oil gland secretion and blood vessel dilation to reduce redness)

*  décolletage to help give you a “firmer look”

I feel the use of Botox is a personal choice.  Before you venture into loading your body with Clostridium botulinum, do your research, not only on Botox itself, but on the physician who will perform the procedure.

To read the full article, click on the following link:

Molvar, K. (2012). A 10-Year Anniversary for Botox: The Molecular that Rocked the Cosmetic World. Retrieved, July 27, 2012, from