Do you like smoothies?  Who doesn’t!  The next time you fix a smoothie at home, set some aside for your next at-home “spa day”.

2 T yogurt (plain is best, or vanilla)

3-4 strawberries, fresh

banana, small piece

1 T honey

½ c papaya juice

sprig of fresh peppermint or spearmint

crushed ice

 Blend all ingredients together and enjoy as a drink and as a facial masque.

 Facial Masque

 If the mixture is too thin, add more yogurt or rolled oats.  Add the oats only to the portion you set aside for the masque.  The oats will soak up the extra liquid and act as an exfoliant.

 Apply masque to the face and let it stay on for 15-20 minutes.  Rinse off with tepid water, apply a serum (if you use one) and follow with a hydrating moisturizer.  You can use this masque as often as you wish.  Do not use if you have active acne breakouts.


 All milk products (including yogurt) are great antioxidants for the skin.  The strawberries and papaya juice are natural alpha hydroxy acids that act as a natural chemical peel to remove dead surface cells from the skin.  The oils from the peppermint and/or spearmint will act as a natural toner to help with oil control (peppermint can be very stimulating).  Most individuals are lacking in Vitamin D so why not feed your skin from the outside.  Bananas are rich in Vitamin D.  Last but not least is honey.  Honey is a humectant that helps to pull water into the skin for good hydration and also has antibacterial properties.