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In my last posting, I talked about triclosan, an antibacterial agent used in soaps, cleansers, skin care products and even toys.  More and more people are becoming concerned about triclosan’s effect on muscle weakness in mice and fish and how it may eventually affect humans.

In “The People’s Pharmacy”, an article in the September 2nd Richmond Times Dispatch, there was an article on an alternative to triclosan.  This is what the article had to say:  Using old-fashion soap and water is a great way to clean hands.  If you would like a sanitizer you can carry with you, consider CleanWell products.  They use thyme derivatives as their active ingredient and it contains no alcohol (Graedon, 2012).

In an upcoming article you will learn that Johnson & Johnson will be reformulating its baby products and adult toiletries because of harmful ingredients.  One of the ingredients they will be removing from their products will be triclosan.


Graedon, J. &. (2012). Alternatives to triclosan. Richmond Times Dispatch, G4.