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There are safer ways to get that sun-kissed look, but not by injection!  The Bury Free Press, a publication from the U.K., had a story of a 26-year old female who reportedly died after taking illegal tanning injections that were bought on the internet (Woman dies after tanning injections, 2012).

The article stated that “it is not known if there was a direct link between her death and the tanning injections, but on August 17, 2012, she indicated on her Twitter page that she had received the injections.  She wanted tanned skin for her upcoming wedding (Woman dies after tanning injections, 2012).

The product, Melanotan, is a synthetic hormone that encourages the body to produce melanin (to darken the skin).  The product has not received official approval as safe to use.  Melanotan has been banned in the U.K.  If you are using such a drug, please contact your physician for possible side effects (Woman dies after tanning injections, 2012).

To read the full article, click on the following link:

Woman dies after tanning injections. (2012, September 7). Retrieved September 14, 2012, from Bury Free Press: http://www.buryfreepress.co.uk/news/national-news/woman-dies-after-tanning-injections-1-4241736