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There are many reasons why a person may want to have permanent makeup:  1) to hide an imperfection; 2) to accentuate certain features, 3) to save time in applying makeup every day and 4) just plain vanity.  Whatever your reason, make wise decisions about what you want, the professional you choose (licensure and insurance liability) and follow-up treatments, if necessary.  Everyone is not a good candidate for the procedure.  Have a consult with several professionals and individuals who have had the procedure you would like before you make your final decision.  Ask detailed questions about the procedure so you will know what to expect.  Remember, permanent makeup is another form of tattooing.  Unlike tattooing on other parts of the body, the face is not where you want a mistake to happen.  It may not be easy to correct or remove. 

Here are some pros and cons to consider:


Eyeline enhancement is very popular.  It gives shape to the eye and can be thick or subtle, depending on your preference.  PROS – You would not have to worry about smudging and it will not come off when you cry.  CONS – The lifespan of color differs from person to person.  Color may fade and a touch-up may be necessary and may cause bruising around the eye.  Ask how your eyes will be protected during the procedure (Permanent Makeup Pros and Cons, 2012).


Who doesn’t want full, sensuous lips?  Techniques may be as simple as applying a lip line to full color.  PROS – You will look like you have full lips without having a lip filler like collagen and your lipstick will not disappear when you eat or drink.  CONS – The lip line could be too dark or worse yet, the wrong color!  The lip line is very sensitive and the procedure can be very painful.  There is also the possibility of an outbreak of cold sores if you are prone to getting them.  A cold sore after all is herpes simplex and contagious.


Permanent makeup for eyebrows was first started for individuals with alopecia and those who had undergone chemotherapy.  Today, it is the most popular form of permanent makeup.  You can opt for full tattooing of the brow line or a powdery-finish technique.  PROS – You will have perfectly arched eyebrows and will not have to waste time “drawing” them on every morning.  CONS – The process is painful, eyebrows may be uneven, color may fade and some individuals may develop keloids.

Other Timely Tips

  1. Make sure the professional shows you a portfolio of their work.
  2. Look at the cleanliness of the facility.
  3. Make sure risks are fully explained.
  4. Be sure of the shape and color of the procedure you want in advance.
  5. Ask if topical anesthetic will be used.

To read more on permanent makeup, click on the following link:

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