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We always hear information telling us how to protect the skin during the day, but very little is said about enhancing skin health at night.  At night the body goes into a restorative mode and this is why some skin care products work better at night.  Here are some tips to protect your skin while your sleep:


  1. Do not sleep on your face.  Pillowcases can pull moisture from the face and cause lines and wrinkles.
  2. Do not go to bed with makeup on.  By not removing makeup, you carry environmental pollution, dust, grime and oils to bed with you each night.  Your pillowcase becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.  Makeup can block the pores and does not let your skin breath.  It can also get embedded in lines and wrinkles that are already there causing the skin to look more tired.  Also, if you are having an active acne breakout, make sure to sleep on a clean pillowcase each night.  This prevents the spread of P-acne bacteria from getting on your skin and into your hair.
  3. Do not lie flat in the bed.  The tissue under the eye is thin and fragile and lying flat may cause fluid to pool under the eyes.  Sleep elevated if at all possible.
  4. Do not drink alcohol within three hours of going to bed.  Alcohol contains sugar and may increase blood sugar to rise.  Sugar levels will drop after you have been sleep for a while and the adrenal glands will kick in to balance the level of sugar in the body.  When this happens, it could interrupt your sleep cycle and cause you to wake up.  If you consume alcohol, drink plenty of water to keep the body from drying out and it will flush your internal organs (Coleman, P., 2012).


  1. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night.  The body restores and repairs itself at night and hormonal changes make also take place.  Sleep recharges the body both physically and mentally.
  2. Try to find pillows that will reduce wrinkles.  Studies have shown that sleeping on the face is the third greatest cause of skin wrinkles (Coleman, P., 2012).
  3. Have a routine time to go to bed each night.  Your body responds better if you go to bed at the same time versus having erratic schedules.
  4. Drink plenty of water every day.  Keeping the body hydrated helps to keep internal organs working properly and remember the skin is your largest organ.

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