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manicureWho doesn’t want a regular manicure?  Could it lead to health risks?  There is a new gel manicure that is being used in salons that could do just that.  This gel manicure, once applied can leave your nails shiny and polished (without chipping) for 14 days and cost between $30-$40.

How can this be a health risk?

During the procedure, in between the layers that are applied, your nails go under a UV light to cure and set the polymers.  Remember people, this is the same UV light that causes skin cancer.  Reports are showing women developing squamous cell carcinomas on the hands.  Also, the manicurists have developed non-lemanoma skin cancer due to repeated exposure.

When you go for your next manicure, ask what they are using and choose wisely.

To read more on this topic, click on the following link:

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