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salmonWe are bombarded with genetically-modified (GM) ingredients in our food, but get ready for GM salmon.  The FDA released a statement in December that appeared in The Independent, a British newspaper, that it plans to lift the ban on GM Atlantic-grown salmon.  We have heard nothing about this in the U.S. (we are always the last one to know).  Soon it will be hitting every grocery store and restaurant.

GM salmon is engineered with extra genes from two other fish species.  This species of salmon grows twice as fast as ordinary salmon.  The fish would be grown in land-based fish farms and should not have an impact on the environment (Connor, 2012).

GM AguAdvantage, the company behind this, says they will only grow sterile female fish and the fish will be kept in secure containers on land so it is unlikely that the GM fish will get into rivers and inbreed with wild salmon (Connor, 2012).  With the FDA lifting the ban, it may put pressure on Britain and European countries to do the same.  There was no mention as to when the FDA will give its okay for the GM salmon to be released into the marketplace.  The article stated that packaging will not let consumers know they are purchasing a GM product.  This opens the door for other animals and fish to be grown in the same manner.  Wild salmon will be harder to find and more costly to purchase.

Will we ever remember what real food tastes like?

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