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obesityResearchers in China have made a scientific discovery that obesity may be caused by a bacteria in the gut.  The cause of obesity may not just be from environmental or behavioral factors.  The bacteria is known as enterobacter and it causes the body to make and store fat and keeps it from being used.  The bacteria releases a chemical called endotoxins which causes insulin resistance.  A person may take longer to feel full which causes them to consume more food (Stephens, 2012).

In studies performed on mice, the mice that were fed the bacteria gained a significant amount of weight compared to mice that did not receive the bacteria.  The mice in the control group were fed a high fat diet and were prevented from exercising.

In a study performed on a morbidly obese male, he was put on a special diet to control the bacteria and lost 29 pounds in 23 weeks.  He, too, was prevented from any exercise during the study.  The study subject was put on a diet of whole grains, traditional Chinese medicines and non-digestible carbohydrates.  He recovered from diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty liver disease (Stephens, 2012).

This study is now being looked at in other countries very seriously.  If the bacteria can be controlled by modifying the diet, this would be awesome.  We also have to put this in perspective, too.  Obesity was not a problem before there were fast food restaurants on every corner, processed foods, food commercials geared to eating sugary treats and computers/television that keep us from getting outside and exercising.  Schools, too, have cut the amount of time our children have physical activity during the day.  We as humans have to take some of the responsibility.

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