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I read an article by Dr. Roby Mitchell in Holistic Primary Care, online magazine, about treating teens with acne.  He encourages his patients to get off high glycemic foods such as sugar, grains, cow’s milk, sodas, fruit juice and other sweetened beverages (he should also add cheese to that list).  He has his patients change their diet by including more blue, purple and dark red fruits and vegetables because they contain phytochemicals that inhibit fungal overgrowth.  Dr. Mitchell believes that making changes in ones diet to these types of foods can help the body to maintain homeostasis in balancing the body inside and out.

Finally, a physician who gets it!

To read the full article, click this link: http://holisticprimarycare.net/images/stories/free_issues/pdf/HPC_Summer_2009.pdf (page 14).