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Frankensteins Cat - Book JacketI do not normally listen to NPR Radio, but recently I heard an interview that stopped me in my tracks.  The radio program is called “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross.  She had an in-depth interview with science journalist, Emily Anthes and the topic was how scientists are performing tests to create genetically-modified animals.

I published an article on January 2, 2013 about genetically-modified salmon that is about to be released into the marketplace, but how would you like to have as your next pet (cat, dog or bird for that matter) something that was created in a laboratory instead of by natural means?  Scientists are working to create pigs that can grow organs for human transplantation, goats that can product protein-rich milk, cockroaches that can act as scouts in danger zones for the military and cats/dogs whose dander will not cause allergic reactions (Anthes, 2013).

Anthes’ book is entitled Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling Up To Biotech’s Brave New Beasts”.  I am very concerned about this.  Are we to be next?

To read an excerpt of this interview or listen to the full interview, click on the following link: