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Whole FoodsI received a news alert from the Environmental Working Group that Whole Foods Market has announced that it is going GMO-free in the U.S. and Canada, the first national food chain to do this.

Currently, Whole Foods has approximately 3,300 products on its shelves that are not genetically engineered (more than any other store in North America).  Whole Foods plans to have this transition completed by 2018.  This will also include all meats, seafood and products and will have GMO ingredients identified on their labels.  Whole Foods is to be commended for making this huge step to bring us healthier foods and products.

At present 88% of corn, 90% of soybeans and more than 90% of canola seeds are grown from genetically engineered seeds.  These seeds end up in a majority of the products on our shelves.  As you know, Proposition 37 did not pass last fall making it mandatory for manufacturers to put all GMO ingredients on labels.  Kudos to Whole Foods.

If you want to thank Whole Foods for taking this step, click on the following link to sign a thank you petition: