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non-surgical faceliftDo you want firmer looking skin in the face and a slimmer figure at the same time?  Then the organic facelift may be a solution – but at a price.  Studies have shown that heavier women may appear to look younger than those with a slim frame because of fatty tissue.  Those with a slim frame or those who spend hours in a gym have less body fat, but it can cause the face to appear thin and have lax skin.

The organic facelift harvests fat via laser liposuction from the stomach, thighs and buttocks to be used as a filler on the face.  Fat transference is nothing new, but there are some downsides to this procedure: (1) Twenty (20%) percent of the fat may die; (2) Fat is not dissolvable, so if you don’t like the results, it cannot be reversed; (3) You will have to wear an elastic corset or compression bandage on the areas where fat has been removed because swelling and lumpiness can occur; (4) You have to maintain a steady weight.  The face can bloat if you gain weight or the fat can disappear if you lose weight; and (5) Following the procedure you may have to sleep elevated and are not allowed to rub the face so as not to disturb the fat that has been transferred (Hardy, 2013).

The demand for the organic facelift is up 30%.  There is very little risk to the procedure because it is your own fat that has been harvested.  Results from this procedure can last 10 years or longer.  This procedure is good for treating loss of volume in the face, but lines and wrinkles should still be treated with conventional fillers or Botox (Hardy, 2013).

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