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cancer killing foodsToday most everyone knows someone who has/had cancer or lost someone to cancer.  It used to be a rare occurrence that we knew someone who had the disease.  The numbers are rising at an alarming rate, but no one seems to care why this is happening even though we keep pouring money into cancer research.

It should make us all stop and wonder if it is related to our food.  With all of the genetically-modified organisms that we have been forced on us, what will this mean for future generations?  I was sent a very disturbing article entitled “The 10 Most Cancer Causing Foods” and after reading the article, it made me not want to eat ever again!  Everything in the article described foods at every grocery store, restaurant and fast food establishment.  The only way we can protect ourselves is to become vigilant readers of food labels and to purchase food from certified organic sources.

Here is a brief synopsis of the article:

1)      Food grown with genetically-modified seeds and chemicals has shown to cause rapid tumor growth (corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, etc.).

2)      Processed meats contain preservatives and sodium nitrate that have been linked to a rise in colon cancer (lunch meat, bacon, sausage and hot dogs).

3)      The bag microwave popcorn comes in is lined with chemicals that are linked to causing infertility, but also liver, testicular and pancreatic cancer.  The chemical, diacetyl used in the popcorn, is linked to causing lung damage and lung cancer.

4)      Soft drinks are loaded with sugar, chemicals and colorings associated with cancer.  Cancer loves sugar and soda acidifies the body creating an environment where cancer can grow.

5)      Just because a food or beverage is label “diet” does not mean it is safe.  Studies have shown that aspartame causes a range of illnesses including cancer and birth defects.  Also beware of sucralose (sold as Splenda), which is a chlorinated sugar for the same health reasons.

6)      Refined white flour is a wheat product that is also grown from GMO seeds.  A high consumption in refined carbohydrates has been linked to a 220% rise in breast cancer.

7)      Refined sugars such as fructose and corn syrup are in almost everything we eat and kids love (cookies, cakes, pies, juices, sauces and cereals).

8)      We may think we are eating healthy by incorporating fruit into our diet, but how is it grown?  Most fruit in our grocery stores (apples, grapes, strawberries) could be grown using cancer-causing pesticides.

9)      There was a time when salmon was considered a healthy alternative to eating meat plus it is a good source for Omega 3 oils.  Now salmon is grown on farms and may have carcinogenic chemicals such as PCBs (which I thought was banned), flame retardants, pesticides and antibiotics.  Farm-raised salmon also lack important Vitamin D because the fish are grown not exposed to sunlight.

10)  The thing that makes a lot of our food taste so good and shelf stable is hydrogenated oils.  Hydrogenated oils are being phased out by some manufacturers and being replaced with palm oils, but trans fats are still out there!

It is left up to us to take control of our own health and we have to start with what we put into our bodies.  Support all certified-organic sources because this is the only way we and they will survive.

To read more on this topic, click on the following link:

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