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I am always touting that strawberries are good for the body.  First, the leaves, when infused in distilled water, makes an excellent astringent for acneic and sensitive skin.  Second, it is a great alpha hydroxy acid.  When blended with yogurt and honey, it makes a great masque to balance the pH of the skin; the berries have great antioxidant properties and can act as a natural chemical peel.  Strawberries are very stimulating but can be sensitizing to the skin.  Finally, strawberries are just plain good to eat.  Eating strawberries offers great antioxidant properties so add them to your salads, smoothies and desserts.

There is a new discovery on the horizon for the benefit of strawberries, as a protectant against UVA rays.  Scientists in Italy and Spain released a study last year showing that strawberry extract that was added to skin cell cultures showed promising results as a sun protectant.  The scientists believe it is the anthocyanins (the component that gives leaves, fruits and flowers their red color) is responsible for this new discovery.  Soon you may see cosmetics and sunscreens on the market with strawberry extract (ScienceDaily, 2012).  So eat up!


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