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milk thistleStudies performed at the University of Colorado have found that silibinin; from milk thistle extract have shown to have promising results in protecting the skin from UV-induced skin cancer and photoaging.

Silibinin can protect the skin in two ways: (1) UVA-affected cells treated with silibinin, the cells died dramatically, removing the mutated cells that cause skin cancer and photoaging and (2) the skin can be treated with silibinin to protect skin cells from damage by UVB radiation (Protection Against UV-Induced Skin Cancer Offered By Silibinin, found in Milk Thistle, 2013).

There was no mention in the article when silibinin will be available to the public or if taking milk thistle orally provides any protection.

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Protection Against UV-Induced Skin Cancer Offered By Silibinin, found in Milk Thistle. (2013, February 1). Retrieved February 8, 2013, from Medical News Today: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/255658.php