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sunburned skinWant instant sunburn relief from? Try this list of vegetables, teas, flowers and natural ingredients (most of which are plentiful in summer):

PotatoesPotato starch can take the sting out of sunburn. Cut a raw potato into slices and rub it over the sunburned area or grate a cold raw potato and apply it as a poultice.

Teagreen tea’s catechin compounds help protect the skin from harmful UVB rays and tannic acid soothes the skin. Make a cup of tea and apply cooled tea to the skin or soak teabags and apply to tired eyes.

Oatmeal – grind oatmeal and add to cool bathwater or make a compress with dry oatmeal. Soak the compress in water until oatmeal becomes wet and apply to the affected area (use as needed).

Cucumbers – peel, chop and squeeze the juice, mix with glycerin and rosewater and apply to the skin.

Lettuce – Boil lettuce leaves in water, let water cool and apply lettuce water to the skin as needed.

Calendula (in the marigold family) – make a poultice of calendula blossoms and apply to sunburned areas to promote healing.

Aloe – Break off a leaf and apply aloe juice to the skin (test skin first to avoid allergic reaction). If fresh plants are not available, purchase aloe vera gel from the pharmacy and keep it on hand.

Fat Free Milk – apply cool (not cold) milk to the skin using a clean cloth. Apply compresses for 15-20 minutes and repeat every 2-4 hours.

White Vinegar – is like a topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Dab onto red (not blistered) skin and it will help to stop the pain for 20 minutes.

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