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healthy gutYour gut can easily become unbalanced because the food we consume is more complex today, artificial and can be upset by medicines like antibiotics. To balance the flora in the gut, here is a list of pro and prebiotic-rich foods to help maintain a healthy gut and skin:

Kefir – a form of drinkable yogurt that contains oligosaccharides and complex carbs.

Greek Yogurt – choose Greek yogurt that contains only milk and cultures (no added sugars or fruit). A 6 oz. serving of Greek yogurt contains 15-20 grams of protein and amino acids to help jump start your metabolism.

Real Sauerkraut – freshly cooked sauerkraut is best for the digestive system, do not use canned because it has been pasteurized.

Kimchi – it’s hot, but this fermented cabbage dish is like a tonic for the gastrointestinal tract and beneficial for the immune system.

Artichokes – a potent prebiotic that contains undigestible nutrients. Other prebiotics include lentils, bananas and asparagus.

Kombucha – a fermented tea that is full of beneficial bacteria that coats the digestive tract and is full of healthy B vitamins.

Miso Soup – fermented soybeans that contain beneficial bacteria and isoflavones and a good source to protect the body against cancer.

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