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deoderantsThere are hundreds of body deodorants on the market, but how do you know if you are choosing the right one for you?  Here are some little known facts:

  • Body odor is not a modern phenomenon; the first deodorant for retail was trademarked in 1881 and called “Mum”.  The first antiperspirant “Everdry” came along in 1896.
  • Deodorants kill bacteria and it does this by killing the bacteria before sweat begins to smell.
  • Antiperspirants do nothing to stop sweating.
  • You can become “immune” to your antiperspirant.  It is a good idea to switch your deodorant occasionally to prevent resistance.  It is believed that the body may adapt and find ways to unplug sweat glands or produce more sweat glands.
  • Your deodorant does not care about your gender.  Women have more sweat glands, but men produce more sweat.  Stop falling for the marketing ploy of deodorants designed for each gender.  As of 2006 according to USA Today, 10% of the deodorants on the market are marketed as unisex deodorants.  Only the packaging and fragrances differ.
  • Not everyone needs deodorant.  According to LiveScience, it is possible to tell by your earwax (gross!).  LiveScience seems to think that if wax is white and flaky you can toss your deodorant.  If the wax is dark and sticky, it may mean that you are missing a chemical in your armpits that odor-causing bacteria feed on.  (This would be an interesting test to try on a weekend!)
  • Why do you develop yellow stains on your clothes from perspiration?  No even deodorant manufacturers have an answer to this question.  It is thought that stains come from aluminum-based ingredients according to the Wall Street Journal.  Solution, say no to aluminum-based antiperspirants or make your own.  It is also believe that aluminum-based antiperspirants plays a role in breast cancer (research this one for yourself).

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