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Beauty Ads from 50 years ago

The manufacture of cosmetic products has improved greatly over the years, but cosmetic companies are touting the same promises they always have.  I recently came across an article that showed advertisements from cosmetic companies in the early 1960’s.  Even though some of the companies are no longer around, the graphics in the ads today are more impressive, but the same promises are still the same.  This is what I learned:

To make your skin look more awake: 

1950 – Lifebuoy Soap – “Skin fatigue is the foe of beauty”

Today – Clean & Clear – “Get Clean & Clear and Under Control”

For soft, shiny hair:

1950 – Jo-Cur – “Beauty Aids for the Hair, Quick New Beauty”

Today – Garnier – Fructis Pure Clean – “Fortified Fruit Science, the strength to shine”

Improve your complexion:

1950 – Palmolive – “Doctors prove Palmolive soap can bring you a lovelier complexion in 14 days!”

Today – Almay – “Beautifully Clear”

Cover your gray hair:

1950 – Miss Clairol – “The modern way to cover your gray”

Today – L’Oréal – “The richest colours, triple protection and zero grays”

Zap Blackheads:

1950 – Madam Velaro – “Wrinkles, blackheads, pimples, freckles, pittings, moles and superfluous hair permanently removed”

Today – Clean & Clear – “Wipe out blackheads”

Fight signs of aging:

1950 – Ponds Cold Cream – “Every skin needs two Ponds creams”

Today – L’Oréal – “Visible results verified by experts: Skin looks 5 years younger in 4 weeks”

Deep Skin Cleansing:

1950 – Helena Rubinstein – “New deep cleanser proved 50 times more effective”

Today – Olay – “Deep cleans pores to remove 2 times more dirt, oil and makeup”

Get younger hair:

1950 – Prell – “Prell leaves hair radiantly alive, softer, smoother and younger-looking”

Today – Pantene – “Demand the expert secret to hair that acts 10 years younger”

Keep your hair color as long as possible:

1950 – Miss Clairol – “Miss Clairol is the magic in minutes way for lovely, lasting hair color”

Today – L’Oréal – “Superior Preference – luminous, luxurious and legendary 8 week of fade-defying color”

Fine one product that just does everything:

1950 – Beauty Ice – “It’s like bathing your face in champagne!”

Today – Aveeno – “Create a new future of healthy, radiant skin”

To read more on this topic, click on the following link:

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