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body sculptingDoctors and cosmetic companies are always looking for ways to keep us looking young.  Here are new treatments that you will see coming in 2014:

Toxin-free wrinkle busters – To break away from using an injectable such as Botox, a treatment for anti-aging called lovera may be a solution.  It is a 15 minute procedure using liquid nitrous oxide to temporarily freeze the nerves in the face to smooth out wrinkles and lines.  The effects last about the same as Botox (four months) at a cost of $410/treatment.

Fat freezing or cryolipolysis uses cold instead of heat to break down fat cells.  A small plate-like device is placed directly onto the skin over the area(s) to be treated and rapidly cooled.  This process destroys fat cells over a couple of weeks and the fat will be eliminated naturally by the body.  Recommended 4-6 treatments at a cost of $1,642 for the entire program.

Shock therapy is a new way of body sculpting and for cellulite reduction (called Lipotripsy).  This treatment is done with radial wave therapy.  This treatment is done with radial wave therapy using a hand-held device over hips, thighs and bottom.  The radial waves pass through the skin to increase blood flow, skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Lipotripsy does not destroy fat cells, it makes the cells permeable so the fat can drain into the lymphatic system and be naturally eliminated from the body.  A treatment is 45 minutes (a series of 8-10 sessions) at a cost of $493/treatment.

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