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No More Tears ShampooConsumers will be happy to hear that Johnson & Johnson is making good on its promises to remove formaldehyde-releasing chemicals from its personal care products.  In 2011, the federal government declared formaldehyde to be a known human carcinogen.  The first product soon to be released by Johnson & Johnson will be “No More Tear” baby shampoo.  The label will say “improved formula”.  Johnson & Johnson will continue to remove this harmful chemical, along with triclosan, from its remaining baby products first and then move on to their adult products sold under the brand names “Aveeno” and “Neutrogena”.

Kudos to Johnson & Johnson.

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Coasten, J. (2014), Environmental Working Group, “Johnson & Johnson cleans formaldehyde out of baby products, moving to adult goods”. Retrieved January 29, 2014, from: http://www.ewg.org/release/johnson-johnson-cleans-formaldehyde-out-baby-products-moving-adult-goods