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tanning beds

Even though Florida is called the “Sunshine State”, it is reported to have the highest number of tanning salons.  They have more tanning salons than there are CVS pharmacies or McDonald’s restaurants. There are 1,261 tanning facilities in Florida compared to 868 McDonald’s restaurants and 693 CVS pharmacies.  This means there is a tanning salon for every 15,113 people (about one every 50 square miles) (Borns, 2013).

Florida has the second highest rate of melanoma, but the opening of tanning salons is on the rise.  The biggest abusers of tanning beds are young people (40% of teenage girls) where melanomas have doubled in the last 30 years.  A study showed there are 100 facilities in Florida associated with college dormitories and residences.

A study by cancer researchers showed the highest incidence of melanoma occurred in the Miami-Dade County zip codes.  While the incidence of melanoma is high in the white population, mortality rate is higher in Hispanics and Blacks because they are diagnosed later.  The cancer researchers in Florida want to further study the link between skin cancer and the use of tanning beds (this is a no brainer here!).

If you are living in an area that gets plenty of sun, do not exacerbate the problem or increase your chances of getting skin cancer by using a tanning bed.  Think smart people.  It is okay to get a healthy dose of sun, but protect your skin by using a good sunscreen.  A tan by the sun is much healthier for you than getting an artificial tan by mechanical means.

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