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Burpee Seeds

Planting season is here and if you are looking for heirloom seeds here is a great source.

Burpee may be a good source for seeds that have not been genetically-modified. Genetically-modified seeds have been created from many different sources in a laboratory, can only be used for one growing season and there is no way to know the long-term affect they may have on our health or environment. Heirloom garden seeds are seeds that you harvest from plants will reliably grow “true to type” from seeds. Most commercially available seeds are hybrids-grown for specific traits like disease resistance or increased shelf life.

There have been many articles published talking about the connection between Burpee and Monsanto. Click on the link below to read a statement put out by Burpee. In the article Burpee states: Burpee continues as a privately-owned company…If we cannot breed and produce the seeds or plants ourselves, we will find those that can (Monsanto is not one of those companies).

Ball, G. (2013). Burpee, “Burpee, GMO and Monsanto rumors put to rest”). Retrieved June 26, 2013, from: http://www.burpee.com/gardening/content/gygg/burpee-gmo-and-monsanto-rumors-put-to-rest/about-burpee-seeds.html.