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eyelash enhancementEvery woman wants long, full, luxurious lashes.  If you are considering eyelash enhancement, what kind should you get?  There are many kinds:  mink, faux mink, synthetic mink, silk, synthetic silk, human hair, acrylic and many more.  Don’t be fooled, however, by the name because faux mink can be the same as synthetic mink or premium silk could just be silk.  Silk extensions are not silk at all, it is a synthetic material that is made to feel like silk.

Premium Silk – shinier lashes that have a more silk appearance ($175/set)

Silk Mink – soft lashes for people who want that “jet black” look ($200/set)

100% Siberian Mink – comes from Siberian minks and may not be suitable for those who are environmentally/ecologically conscious.  Unique lashes and hollow inside.  You might see them on J. Lo or Kim Kardashian ($350/set)

Synthetic Mink – great alternative to other mink lashes and popular if you need headshot photos ($89/set)

Premium Faux Mink – give a more matte, fluffy and soft look.  These are synthetic (animal cruelty-free) ($175/set)

Human Hair – super fine and does not dramatically change a person’s appearance.  They last 10 weeks longer than other lashes because they are light.  These lashes also comes in natural blond tones that may be more suitable for redheads.

Acrylic – hard, inflexible, scratchy for a dramatic look (no price was given per set)

eyelash enhancement gone wrongGet references when seeking professionals who offer this service.  You want a professional who is really experienced because after all, they are applying lashes and adhesives around the eyes.  If improperly done, the lashes or adhesive can irritate and scratch the eye.

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