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bee venom facialHow many times have you read an article in a magazine or on the internet spouting the overwhelming effects of some new skin care treatment?  Luxurious and exotic as they may sound, it is mostly a lot of hype, fluff and only a fraction of them actually deliver on the promises they make.  These gimmicks are a way to help you part with your money.  Some of the more popular gimmicks are:  the 14K gold facial, fire facial, bee venom facial, vampire facial or caviar facial.

14K Gold Facial

This is most popular with clients from India.  There is no proof that putting sheets of gold on the skin will enhance the beautification of the skin.  It sounds expensive, but offers no benefits.

Fire Facial

This is a Chinese treatment that is very dangerous.  An elixir is applied to the skin followed by a towel soaked in alcohol.  The towel is ignited allowing the flames to burn the skin for a few seconds.  This treatment is supposed to help remove hair, stimulate the skin to address sagging, wrinkles and dull appearance.

Bee Venom Facial

This treatment is known as “nature’s Botox” among celebrities.  Kate Middleton had this treatment done before her marriage to Prince William.  It is supposed to increase blood flow, tighten muscles, triggering collagen and elastin in the skin as the skin heals from being stung!

Bee venom does contain several peptides and have been used to treat patients with rheumatism, cancerous tumors, skin diseases and arthritis.  The venom is delivered into the fatty layer of the skin (subcutaneously) by injection and not by an actual bee sting.

Bee venom can be harvested, purified and manufactured into masques or eye products.  A patch test should be administered to make sure you do not have a sensitivity or allergic reaction.

Vampire Facial

This procedure involves the use of a micro-needling device.  This treatment is supposed to stimulate collagen production so products that are topically applied have better absorption in the skin.  In some cases, a patient’s blood is drawn, placed in a centrifuge to separate the blood from the plasma. Hyperpigmentation can result from this treatment in certain individuals because it can cause it can over stimulate melanocyte production.

If any of these treatments sound too good to be true, you decide for yourself.  Basic skin care still offers the best results without of the hype and expense.  You can get the same or better results from the use of enzymes, chemical peels, ultrasound, or microcurrent.

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