male skincareWomen are not the only ones concerned with the signs of aging.  More men are becoming aware of their appearance as they age.  Here are some tips to help men protect their skin from the ravages of time:

  • Most men will tell you they only wash their face once a day with soap, usually the same body soap they bathe with. It is important to use a separate cleanser for the face twice daily (not a deodorant soap).
  • A man’s skin ages just like their female counterparts. Sun damage can be minimized with the right skin care products and treatments.  Lightening treatments with chemical peels and lightening serums can help slow down sun damage.
  • Most men do not use a moisturizer and if they do, it may not have an SPF.  It is important to use a moisturizer, especially after shaving.  Use a moisturizer with an SPF with a minimum of 15 (30 in the summer) during the day helps to protect the skin from sun damage and a hydrating moisturizer at night to replace hydration loss.
  • Male skin is denser than women and will show wrinkles later. When male skin begins to show wrinkles, it is with pronounced lines and deep furrows.  Cut back on alcohol consumption because alcohol dilates the blood vessels and puts pressure on collagen.  Also stop smoking, because it makes the skin look grey and robs the body and skin of much needed oxygen, which is important for overall health.
  • More men are considering cosmetic procedures to help turn back the clock. This is a personal decision, but take time to find the right specialist for your cosmetic procedure(s).

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