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estheticianIn a recent article in MultiBriefs, estheticians are having a much higher success rate in helping clients with acne than dermatologists.  Why?  Dermatologists are more apt not to touch or cleanse a patient’s skin, they treat acne with antibiotics and aggressive topical prescription medications like tretinoins and Accutane.  Estheticians have a more hands-on approach and better follow-up with regular skin care treatments and home care regimes.

How is the hands-on approach more effective?  Estheticians are trained to properly cleanse the skin, perform extractions at each visit and educate their clients about the importance of an at-home skin care regime.  A home care regime should be simplistic using no more than 3-4 products.  Skin care products suggested by estheticians are effective without disturbing the skin’s pH balance, they do not overly sensitized the skin with products and treatments and may also address other issues such as hyperpigmentation.  The products are more affordable and will not require monthly testing of the kidney or liver.  A client will schedule more sessions with an esthetician for help with acne than having to wait 3-4 months for an appointment or follow-up visit with a dermatologist.

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