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yogurtYogurt is not only good for a healthy gut; it is also beneficial to the skin.  The probiotic properties in yogurt are beneficial for those who suffer from acne, rosacea and dry skin.

I have many of my clients use yogurt as a cleanser because it is gentle to the skin and does not disturb the skin’s pH balance.  Because yogurt is a dairy product, it has lactic acid which can help keep the skin free of dead surface cells and act as a natural skin brightener to address hyperpigmentation.  Yogurt improves moisture, elasticity and helps smooth rough, dry skin.

Which kind to use?  When it comes to skin care, plain yogurt is best.  It has the most active cultures and less artificial sugars than those with fruit (besides acne loves sugar!).  If you are using yogurt in a masque, you can add organic honey to your yogurt treatment.  The honey will act as a humectant to add additional hydration and the antibacterial properties in honey will also reduce p. Acnes bacteria on the skin.

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