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skin care creamsDr. Gordon Vrdoljak of the California Department of Public Health released information at a meeting recently of the American Chemical Society National Meeting that skin creams in some American products have high levels of mercury that are thousands times higher than the FDA acceptable limit.  Accepted FDA mercury levels in products should be one part per million and some products are showing levels upwards of 210,000 parts per million.

Products used for skin lightening, anti-aging, wrinkles, freckles and age spots are found to have the highest levels.  High mercury levels can lead to neurological problems, kidney disease and even death.  Skin conditions can recur more readily with product that have high mercury levels.

Mercury is a toxic element that absorbs easily into the skin and can be transferred by touch.  Skin care therapists need to keep this in mind not only from a health standpoint for themselves, but also in transferring mercury to other clients.

Other Culprits

U.S. products are regulated for the most part by the FDA, but products that come from third party sources are the biggest culprits.  These are products that people bring back from overseas that are used and/or sold illegally without knowing the extent of the ingredients used.  High mercury levels in products from Mexico were found to have high levels 100 times the recommended level.

When purchasing cosmetics of any kind, become a savvy label reader and look for ingredients or wording such as:  “mercurous chloride”, “mercury”, “mercuric”, “calomel” and “mercurio”.

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