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EbolaWhether you want to accept it or not, Ebola is here in the U.S. with several individuals having been diagnosed with the disease.  Everyone is concerned about how quickly it will spread now that a second person has contracted the disease (even though they were fully protected with mask, gloves and special clothing).

In an article by Mike Adams, the government now owns a patent on Ebola giving the U.S. government legal rights to block all non-vaccine Ebola treatments, cures and research.  I thought Ebola was a virus that occurred naturally in nature (silly me)!  What will this mean for us?  Everyone could be forced to be vaccinated against the virus.

Now is the time to take steps to help protect yourself:

1.   Boost your immune system with medicinal herbs and nutrients. Washing your hands, the advice offered by the CDC, is not enough. Medications, junk food and toxic chemicals make you more vulnerable to infections.  This is why it is important to eat healthy and boost up the immune system now.

2.   Enhance your local food supplies in anticipation of quarantines and food disruptions. If you are placed in quarantine, you will not be able to go outside the quarantine zone and companies will refuse to deliver to you.

3.   Anticipate disruptions in everything from banking, emergency services, water, power and more. ATMs may stop dispensing money, water and power could be at risk of disruptions or shutting down. Can you survive without food delivery, no 911 emergency service, electricity, running water or the ability to get to a hospital?

4.   Acquire basic medical protection and isolation gear, including plastic sheeting. Make sure you have medical supplies at home to take care of yourself or a family member if they become infected.

5.   Have a bug-out plan, fuel and gear ready if you need to evacuate your area.

6.   Make sure to get extra cash in anticipation of financial and electronic commerce disruptions. Cash will be the ticket to acquire the items you need.

7.   Set aside a large, reliable, self-contained water source.

8.   Have a plan for household safety and defense against looters. People will become desperate and you will have no help from the government or police to protect you.

9.   Consider permanently moving away from high-density populated areas.

10. Plan to have no medical assistance from hospitals or doctors. Medical personnel may be some of the first infected and those who are left will have their hands full.

Check out the following web site to find out more about Ebola preparedness: http://www.BioDefense.com.

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