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BB creamAre you confused by the acronyms like BB or CC cream? What are they and how do you choose the best one for your skin concerns?

BB Cream stands for “Beauty Balm and Blemish Balm”. BB cream was created to be a multi-tasker. You may find it marketed as a primer, foundation or moisturizer. BB cream can be used on any skin type in all age groups.

CC Cream stands for “Color Corrective, Complexion Correcting”. CC cream is similar to BB cream, but the moisturizer may have an SPF and function like an antioxidant, primer or foundation. CC creams are more whipped and feel lighter on the skin so a moisturizer should be used first. This is a great cream for those with redness, hyperpigmentation and sallowness.

DD Cream stands for “Daily Defense, Dynamic Do All”. DD cream was originally created for the feet and body and designed to diminish scars, stretch marks and reduce blemishes. The shift has changed for DD creams to disguise and reduce imperfections. DD creams are meant to do it all (anti-aging, firming, protection, color corrector and mattifier) making it perfect for those 30 and older.

EE Cream stands for “Extra Exfoliating, Energy Enhancing, Even Effect, Elemental Emulsion”. This cream will be hitting the market soon. Several companies are working on this cream so it can address the following skin concerns: dullness, lackluster with uneven tone and texture. You will be able to apply this cream directly to the skin without any priming and it will act as an ultra sheer transformer.

There are other alphabet creams being formulated. One cream you can also expect soon is the ZZ cream (Ultimate Zit Zapping Cream). ZZ cream will act as a four-in-one product combining foundation, BB cream, CC cream and pore primer.

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