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Courtesy of Global Post

Courtesy of Global Post

This is an update to the article that I posted on December 17, 2014 regarding the drastic plastic surgery that is being performed in South Korea.  Women and men are going to extreme lengths to make themselves more marketable for marriage, the job market and the movie industry, but at what price?

In an article recently released, Asians are flocking in droves to still get the radical plastic surgery, but in facilities that lack regulation.  Many individuals are now coming forward complaining of shoddy procedures that leave them disfigured, in pain and even in comas.  Thousands of dollars are paid to illegal brokers and unregistered clinics in a bidding war where they are undercutting their prices in an effort to take some of the business away from China.  In 2013 plastic surgery in South Korea was estimated to be approximately $360 million.  About one-third of patients seek out the brokers who act as a liaison for the clinic/hospital.  Once contacted, they are assigned to an agent who harasses them into getting procedures done.  South Korea is trying to crack down on the illegal brokers and unregistered clinics.  The brokers charge inflated fees, for which they make a profit.  The unregistered clinics/hospitals do not have a state license to practice.

Individuals from the U.S. are flocking to South Korea for plastic surgery because the cost is a lot less.  Check out the article listed below of someone who traveled to South Korea to get a consultation so he could look like Korea’s pop star idol G-Dragon.  They showed him a computer-generated image of how his features could be altered.   I hope this individual is reading the articles that have surfaced.

So be forewarned if you are considering cosmetic surgery in South Korea!

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