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drinking waterWe have all heard the “quick fix” or “cure-all” tips to keep skin from aging, but most of them are just hype to get you to part with your money.  There are no shortcuts in skin care.  We age because we are supposed to, but there are things you can do to slow down the aging process.  One thing to remember, once you start any skin care regime, it is important to be consistent (this is critical).

Here is the truth behind some of the anti-aging fallacies:

Do you need a sunscreen if the weather is cloudy or you stay in the shade?  This is a no brainer here folks, the answer is yes.  Sunscreen should be worn 365 days a year in all types of weather.  Eighty percent (80%) of the damaging rays from the sun can penetrate through clouds or fog.  That is how I got my first sunburn!

Water helps plump your skin?  Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water daily does not help plump the skin.  It will, however, keep your internal organs working properly by helping to flush toxins from the body.  Even though the skin is the largest organ on the body, drinking vast amounts of water is no guarantee to having plump or hydrated skin.  There could be other factors involved that keep water from reaching the skin (diabetes, medication, menopause or aging).  To keep the skin healthy, you should drink water daily but also the skin must be hydrated from the outside.  Cleanse twice daily and make sure the skin is hydrated with a serum and good moisturizer after each cleansing.

Do expensive skin care products work better than the “drug store” brand?  The answer is no.  The high cost of the product does not guarantee you better results.  Your money is mostly going for the brand name, packaging and marketing.  Studies have shown that expensive product lines offer lofty claims but only give minimal results and lower priced cosmetics, in some cases, work just as well.

If you have dark circles, you need an under eye cream?  The answer is, it doesn’t hurt.  Dark circles occur under the skin and has nothing to with wrinkles.  The discoloration could be a factor of genetics, allergies or leaking blood vessels under the eyes.  Under eye creams can hydrate the delicate tissue under eye or camouflage the area.  There are creams that have caffeine which can help circulate blood in the area, but this is a temporary fix.

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