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eggs of all shadesThe indoor tanning industry is estimated at $2.6 billion and more than 1 million people visit tanning salons each day.  Self-tanning products reached $775 million in sales in the U.S. alone in 2014.  Asians, however, are purchasing skin whitening and lightening products that could reach $20 billion by 2018.

Tanned skin used to be the distinction of the lower class because you worked outdoors or did manual labor.  In the 1930’s, tanning was associated with the wealthy because you led a life of leisure.  Today everyone wants to have that sun-kissed look.  There are supplements and even candy on the market that can help you change your skin tone.

The marketed supplements are not regulated by the FDA so it is hard to determine the health risks.  Canthaxanthin, is a keto-carotenoid pigment found in nature that is used to dye foods and skin.  Studies have been found that canthaxanthin has been found deposited in tissues in the body, high levels in the blood were found to crystalize in the retina causing vision problems, it can build-up in the liver and can also cause hives.

Nothing beats Mother Nature in moderation and sunscreen for healthy tanned skin!

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