Eyebrow Enhancement - Before

Photos by Atisha Paulson

Eyebrow Enhancement - After















Eyelash extensions are the current rave, but what about your brows! A New York salon, Wink Brow Bar, specializes in brow extensions.

The treatment consists of a consultation to determine the sparseness of the brows and what replacement or fullness you would like. You are then turned over to an eyebrow artisan to remove unwanted hair by threading to shape the brows.  At this salon a proprietary silk thread is used instead of cotton thread to ensure painless hair removal and less abrading of the skin.

After the brows are threaded and shaped, a vegetable-based dye is placed over the remaining hairs to match the hair that will be used to fill in the brows. This portion of the treatment can take 20-30 minutes. Once the dye has been removed and the area is dry, synthetic eyebrow hairs (which come on strips much like for eyelash enhancement) are painstakingly applied to the brows, one hair at a time with glue.

This treatment from beginning to end can take up to two hours and cost approximately $250. Fill-ins take less time and can range from $40 to $185. Water or any cleansing cannot be done to the face for 24 hours following the treatment to allow the glue to set. Brow extensions can last about three weeks before you need a fill-in.

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