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sun streaked hairSo much attention has been focused on protecting the skin from the sun, the hair and scalp is mostly ignored.  Everyone wants to look good on the beach, but hair and scalp needs protection too.  The first option, of course, is to wear a hat, but who wants to wear a hat all the time at the beach?

Lots of people want the sun to lighten and bring out the highlights in their hair for that “sun-kissed” look.  The sun affects the hair similar to bleaching clothes.  UV rays oxidize and degrade a disulphide bond that holds hair together which can result in the hair becoming brittle, dry and lacking manageability.  If you opt to swim in a pool, chlorine can have the same effect.  Pool water contains trace amounts of copper which can turn blond hair green.  Salt water takes water out of the hair causing it to lose moisture and elasticity.  There are leave-in conditioning creams and sprays that contain UV filters which protect the hair and scalp from salt and chlorine.

Don’t forget to protect the scalp whether you have hair, thinning hair or are bald.  If you sustain sensitivity or burn on the scalp, apply aloe vera gel liberally.  Keep the area covered until sensitivity has diminished or burned area has healed.  Refrain from using a hair dryer, dyes, tints or perms because they can exacerbate the problem.  Comb and brush hair gently to avoid further irritation.

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