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bruxism-teeth-grindingAnother use for Botox, to reduce teeth grinding!  Doctors are now using Botox to paralyze the masseter muscle in the jaw that is responsible for grinding teeth (bruxism), cracking and dulling of molars while you sleep.

A New York dentist is injecting Botox into the masseter muscle of patients with effects lasting up to nine months. Patients are having less tightness and pain in the jaw. They are waking in the morning without feeling like they have chewed a wad of bubble gum and have less wearing down of the enamel.

It is good that dentists are having success with this new use for Botox, but they are not plastic surgeons.  I have a concern with too many doctors in other modalities using Botox.  Just because they are physicians and can get Botox, they are using it to add to their income bottom line without looking at the long-term effects that may occur.

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