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Jennifer AnnistonHave problems with wrinkles, bulges or puffiness under the eyes?  A new product, Strateris, was released  in March.  This product requires no surgery, needles, heat, or laser and is a temporary fix for under eye concerns.  Strateris is topically applied and forms a transparent film under the eye that is breathable, flexible and imperceptible that works by compressing sagging skin.  The effects begin within an hour of application and is removed at night.  Once the product is removed, the skin returns back to its original state (Kron, 2014).

Strateris has been in development for ten years and tested on more than 600 individuals with baggy lower lids.  The product will have the endorsement of Jennifer Aniston and was released at the American Academy of Dermatology conference.  The product will be sold only in doctor’s offices, and will not require a prescription.  Companies such as Valeanet Pharmaceuticals (Restylane) and Dysport (Botox) are both investing millions in the new product.  There was no mention of side effects.

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