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Caffeinated shaving productsPacific Shaving Company has developed caffeinated shaving products for men that will soon be in US stores.  Kiehl’s, Origins, Bliss and Vichy already have products in the US that are formulated with caffeine.

Why and how will they work?  Caffeine should act as a vasoconstrictor and antioxidant to reduce redness and promote skin health.  Pacific Shaving Company wants to focus their marketing campaign on caffeine being absorbed through the skin using the tag line “help liven up your morning shave routine”.  The shaving products will have 50 mg of naturally-derived caffeine, natural ingredients, aloe and spearmint (espresso contains approximately 60 mg).

A Virginia-based company, Thinkgeek is marketing a soap called “Shower Shock”.  Shower Shock is said to have the equivalent of drinking two cups of coffee and sold as a liquid and bar soap.  The bar soap is vegetable-glycerin based.

The amount of coffee in these products will not replace your morning cup of coffee, but do you really want to add more coffee to your system and what are the long-term side effects?

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