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skin-whitining-bannerThe FDA has released a consumer notice to avoid the use of injectable drugs used for skin lightening or whitening.  These injectables are sold online, in retail outlets, health spas and are classified as unapproved drugs.

Injectable lighteners may contain harmful ingredients or contaminants that could lead to infection or cause other serious injury.  Some of products may contain high levels of hydroquinone (higher than 4%), mercury, glutathione, collagen and even human placenta.

Flawless Beauty sold the following injectable lightening products that were seized by U.S. Marshals in 2014 (Relumins Advanced Glutathione Kits and Tatiomax Glutathione Collagen Whitening Kits).  Even though the company issued a recall, they continued distribution of the products.

Ordering skin care products online is a risky business, unless you are ordering directly from the manufacturer.  You have no way of verifying the expiration date before purchase, how long the products were stored or under what conditions.  You may be getting a good price, but is it really worth the risk to your health or skin.

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