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Botox Boob InjectionPhysicians in the UK are using Botox for breast enhancement (ouch)! With the rise in breast cancer, why would you inject a form of botulism into your breast tissue?

Celebrities are now opting for Botox breast enhancement (Breastox) over surgical augmentation. This is a 30-minute procedure with no downtime and is relatively painless. The effects are temporary and lasts approximately 6 months. The appearance is perkier, fuller looking breasts, smooth cleavage that can make breasts look up to a cup size fuller. The procedure is designed for women with A-C cup size.

Breastox has not been approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. The cost of the procedure is approximately $1,500.

If injecting boobs with Botox is not enough, how about enhancing the breast with gummy bears? Well not quite gummy bears, but a new generation of breast augmentation now uses a firmer form of silicone gel the bounces back to its original shape, much like gummy bears. The silicone gel is so thick that when an implant is cut in half, it does not pour out but retains it shape compared to the original silicone gel which was a more viscous, squishier gel poured into a circular shell.

This new silicone formulation helps to make the breast maintain a more natural-looking shape. Early studies are showing that there is a decrease in silicone bleeding (or leaking) and may last longer. The downside, however, is there is a potential for implant rotation, in which the thicker bottom can lead to a distorted breast shape (Doft, 2015).

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