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I’ve been writing about new uses for Botox, but here is a new use for Restylane Silk.  Restylane Silk is better known as a dermal filler used for smoothing out wrinkles, sagging skin and the naso-labial fold.

20-somethings are now using Restylane Silk to plump up their lips or make them even so they are more aesthetically pleasing.  Restylane Silk is different from other fillers.  It is a hyaluronic acid gel that has smaller particles that is better suited for reducing perioral lines, creating a softer look.

The procedure is done with a cannula instead of a typical needle.  The cannula allows the physician to inject Restylane Silk in one injection site instead of several sites.

Look at the before and after photos above.  Can you really tell the difference?  I could not find any mention of cost for this procedure or how long the effect will last.

For more information on this topic, click the following link:

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