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carrier oils 3We have been taught to only use cream moisturizers on the skin (especially the face), but oils are very beneficial to the skin, scalp and hair.  Look for oils that are “cold pressed” (oils not exposed to temperatures over 110 degrees F).

My philosophy has always been, “If it is good for you internally, why not use it to nourish skin and hair”!

Oils good for the face:

Argan – good hydrator, helps to fight free radical damage and acne

Avocado – great for extremely dry and mature skin and full of Vitamin D

Camellia– great for cell rejuvenation and antioxidant properties

Coconut Oil – great for cleansing off makeup and does not clog pores

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil – good nourisher for the face and body; stimulates, softening, high in healthy fatty acids and antioxidants

Rosehip Seed– excellent hydrant and packed with Vitamin C, good for regenerative skin care and burns

Vitamin E Oil – good for hydration, healing and antioxidant properties

Oils for the hair

Almond – odorless, but rich in vitamins and proteins

Argan – good conditioner for scalp and hair (especially split ends)

Coconut – good moisturizer and conditioner

Jojoba – very emollient and found in many hair care products

Sesame – high in antioxidants, but may have a strong fragrance


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