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gold leaf facialIs it hype or is it as good as it is cracked up to be (pun intended)?  Using gold or gold-leaf to enhance the skin has been around since the time of Cleopatra.  It is now making a comeback in many skin care centers, but is it right for you?

Gold-leaf is reported to have rejuvenating properties that stimulate the skin, encourage cellular turnover, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and make the skin look firmer and thicker.  It is also reported to boost circulation and help with hydration to help the skin look toned and luminous.

How does it work?  Supposedly because of its bioavailability, particles can be easily absorbed into the skin.  It then helps to fight the breakdown of collagen, minimizing fine lines and at the same time fight off free radicals that can cause the skin to age.

Gold-leaf can also be used to address acne and scarring by speeding up the healing process and fighting bacteria in the skin.  For hyperpigmentation it can be used as a spot treatment for age spots as well as slow down the over production of melanin which causes excess pigmentation.

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to part with my hard-earned cash for a gold-leaf treatment (unless someone else is paying for it)!  Some cultures swear by it, especially in China and India.  Do your homework and choose for yourself.  I would be interested in hearing your comments.


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