Photo Courtesy of Dr. Simon Ourian

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Simon Ourian

A fad that has been around for the last year is non-surgical rhinoplasty.  This treatment transforms the nose using hyaluronic acid fillers to correct imperfections.  The procedure takes 15 minutes or less with little to no pain and no down time.  This sounds great, but there are, of course health risks.  In the pictures above you can see the effect, before (left) and after (right).  I didn’t see anything wrong with her original nose!

The procedure is to correct minor dents or imperfections, like building up the nasal bridge and changing the shape of the nostrils.  It is not a replacement for those who are looking to remove dorsal bumps or refine large noses.

The nose has a higher risk of complications from fillers than most parts of the face.  Filler injections into the blood vessels in nose could cause the blood supply to be shut off.  If this happens, and the procedure is not reversed immediately, necrosis could take place and the nose would turn black, die and fall off leaving the patient grossly deformed.  This complication is rare, but can be irreversible.  One way to avoid this complication is to make sure a board certified physician uses non-permanent filler (which may last only 6-12 months).

Like all non-permanent fillers, if you don’t like the results, you are not stuck with it.  On the other hand, you have to keep getting injections on a regular basis.  When the affects start to wear off, it may dissolve unevenly in different areas making the nose appear uneven.  The cost of one treatment can be $600-$1,000.  If you opt for more traditional rhinoplasty, it is a one-time price and it is permanent (take your pick!).

I was rather surprised to hear some physicians say they would not perform this procedure, not only because of the potential complications, but there are not enough qualified doctors who can perform this procedure safely (WOW, that’s a first).  I look forward to hearing your comments on this procedure.

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