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laser hair removalA new concern that has surfaced is whether laser hair removal causes cancer.  It is known that x-rays and gamma rays (forms of ionizing radiation) are the most dangerous.  They both come from natural sources like radon gas, but they can also be manmade and used for CT scans.  When ionizing radiation passes through the body it can damage cellular DNA that could lead to cancer.

The FDA says that IPL used in hair removal uses non-ionizing radiation.  The light emitted remains in the skin so the heat destroys only the hair follicle and does not cause DNA damage.  The light does not penetrate beyond the hair follicle so internal organs are not affected.

There is still concern, however, when IPL is used near reproductive organs.  Gynecologists at Mt. Sinai in New York states there is risk to reproductive organs that may cause cancer or infertility.

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