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J-J Baby PowderI hope you have been following the news about Johnson & Johnson (J&J) baby powder. Back in August 2013 I published a blog article about the lawsuits women had filed against the company after having been diagnosed with cancer which they feel came from the use of the company’s baby powder that has talc as an ingredient.  Another product under scrutiny is “Shower to Shower”, formerly owned by J&J until 2012 it was sold to Valeant Pharmaceuticals in Quebec.

J&J baby powder is formulated with two named ingredients, talc and parfum and “Shower to Shower” has mays (corn) starch, talc, sodium bicarbonate, tricalcium phosphate, fragrance and maltodextrin.

In a Missouri court last week J&J lost a significant battle awarding the family of Jacqueline Fox’s family $72 million due to her contracting ovarian cancer from the use of the two products ($10m in compensatory damages and $62 million in punitive damages). There are other lawsuits against the company which have been filed in St. Louis and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The claim is that J&J has failed for decades to warn consumers that its talc-based products could cause cancer (Utroski, 2016).

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